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Your one-stop-shop for that special something

Colours Of Raine was established in 2006 (formerly known as Wall Candy Designs).  I am a self taught Contemporary/Designer Artist that has a passion for creating unique pieces of art.  I am inspired by the people who know and enjoy my artwork.  


I’m not one to save my best treasures for just special occasions.  I believe in using or displaying 

special treasures every day like my handmade jewelry, glasses, ornaments, or a beautiful painted tote bag etc...

Painting on terra-cotta flower pots is one of my favorite things to paint, because the sky is the limit, and you can paint anything on a flower pot.  Some of my customers will purchase my pots to display just for the artwork.  I like coming up with witty names for some of my flower pots and ceramic pitchers, because it fits my personality.  I enjoy creating things that I know people need and will use in their everyday life.  


I hand paint 4 and 5 inch mouth blown glass ornaments imported from overseas.  I experience great pleasure creating each ornament.  The ornaments make a wonderful heirloom, and can be displayed through out the year.  When personalizing glass ornaments, it truly gives that particular ornament special meaning that lasts.


I’ve created this line of matching glassware (cake displays, glasses and pitchers), to make it easier for people to coordinate their table decor for an attractive look.  I offer both stemless and regular wine glasses to give people the option of using a different style glass.  Growing up as a child I was inspired by my mother who would always set the table very nicely for the holidays. Having an attractive table can change the ambiance of your special gathering. 

My artwork is retailed at Greenhaven Garden, Hamilton, NJ, Carella’s Chocolates, Trenton, NJ, and Wild Flowers Florist Princeton, NJ.


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